Monday, 13 February 2012

Leauge Of Legends Speed Hack v3.2-Undetected

League Of Legends Speed Hack 2012
have you ever missed your kill because you weren't quick enough to catch that Udyr? This is where the League of Legends Speed Hack comes into play. With the League Of Legends Speed Hack you can set your speed to go 3x faster then normal speed.We have done test with the speed hack and the max you can go without disconnecting is 876, which is still fast as hell or any other player!. So you might be wondering what a League Of Legends Speed Hack could be used for, here are some ideas!.

-You'd be practically ungankable
- This League Of Legends Speed Hack is very useful for junglers, ganks are of no problem and the enemy unit will most likely die off, giving your team a kill.
-Running away when getting chased down.
-Catching up to an enemy.

- Therefor, there are many different ways to use the hack, always useful to have this upper-hand advantage.

- Warning: Like our league of legends regen hack, you need to use your common sense when running this league of legends hack. If you set your set speed to the max limit and fly around everywhere obviously the enemy team will catch you as being a hacker/botter and you likely will get the account reported. However if you use this wisely you should be fine!

UPDATE : Working For The Latest League of Legends Patch (2012)!